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Monday, 24th June 2019

By Claire Laybats

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Find out how Jinfo can help you develop your team and skills around content purchasing, portfolio management and resource optimisation.


Responsibility for content purchasing and licensing requires you to stay on top of the changing vendor landscape, emerging business needs, and shiny new features introduced on the products already in your portfolio.

Then add the rising importance of data-driven processes and innovation, many of which rely on third-party licensed data, to your concerns.

Then add the need for constant education of stakeholders on why this is so complex.

And THEN add the challenges of measuring value, not (just) usage.

Jinfo provides tools, training and - perhaps most importantly - a community of your peers to help you manage the challenging world of content purchasing.

Check out these examples of how we put our research to work for you:

It's time to master a new way to think, manage and act

Content purchasing and licensing is an exciting but complex area of expertise.

There are few resources which can help the way Jinfo can:

Whether you tap into our product reviews or work with us to revamp your entire approach to content purchasing and portfolio management, Jinfo will give you greater confidence in testing products, advising your stakeholders, and succeeding in tough negotiations.

Talk to me about your challenges; we'll help you find solutions.

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