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Thursday, 20th June 2019

By Robin Neidorf

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How can Jinfo resources help you translate your strategy into practical changes in process, services and teams to deliver lasting change?


The most valuable thing you can do with your expertise is to drive your organisation's information strategy.

The most valuable thing you can do to ensure you deliver on that strategy is ongoing optimisation of your operations.

But it's not easy to make this shift. It's not like anyone is presenting you with a free month in which to do all this strategy and re-engineering.

Jinfo's Consulting Workshops give your team both structure and accountability to develop new ways of thinking and skills:

Workshops can be tailored to your particular needs and focus, and our flexible delivery model brings the learning and practice into your workload so that your staff can cope whilst making changes.

Click a title above to learn more about these workshops. We can package both together for an unbeatable combination of fresh thinking and new skills.

Optimisation is the hard part

A Jinfo customer invited me to speak at the Business & Finance Division's breakfast at this week's SLA annual conference in Cleveland on "The Strategic Value of Strategic Planning". In developing the presentation, I realised I couldn't just talk about planning - I had to talk about what happens once the strategy is approved.

When you come back from a retreat and face an overflowing inbox, you have to ask yourself: what specifically are we going to do differently today, because of our new strategy? What do we have to stop doing? It's incredibly difficult to take a clear-eyed look at our own work processes, let alone undergo the sometimes painful process of optimisation.

We're asked all the time about strategy and planning for the future, less often about what has to change on a day-to-day basis to enable that strategy to be realised.

Check out our most recent blog item "Jinfo for optimising your research service" for new thinking and practical suggestions for how to incorporate difficult work into "business as usual".

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