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Tuesday, 8th September 2020

By Rebecca Gebhardt Brizi

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You don't want to miss our next Community session where you’ll be able to engage in peer dialogue with other information professionals about issues that matter to you. Join the conversation with your peers on important topics such as contract negotiations, stakeholder management, and evaluating products.


Jinfo Community sessionsJinfo customers regularly tell us that Community sessions give them something they crave: conversations with their peers on insider topics like contract negotiations, stakeholder management, evaluating products... all with that unique perspective that only information professionals have.

This is why Community sessions are an important benefit of a Jinfo Subscription. But how are they different to webinars? What happens in them? How can you get the best possible experience and value?


Dialogue, not presentation

Almost everyone – especially deep into 2020 – is familiar with webinars, where you hear from subject matter experts on the latest research or insights, how to complete a task or project, or preview what's ahead.

Unlike presentational webinars, Community sessions are primarily dialogue, meaning that you:

To create this kind of environment, Jinfo works hard to manage sessions according to business standards of confidentiality and professionalism. To that end:


Getting the most value

Prior to a session, all registrants receive a reminder email which includes suggestions for prep, to get the most out of the event. These might include:

As information professionals it can be challenging to find venues specifically for deep analysis and experimentation with our peers. This is especially true in this time of minimal business travel and work-from-home requirements. I encourage you to experience the value for yourself and join our next Community session.

At conferences we can learn, at events we can network, but in Community sessions we can work together.

Have more questions? Contact me at rebecca.brizi@jinfo.com

Ready to join a Community session? Visit our listings page

No Jinfo Subscription? Community sessions are a valuable benefit. Learn more about the benefits of subscription today.

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