Consulting Quarterly Briefings

Get the insight without the legwork

Don't have time AND can't afford to miss? Jinfo Consulting quarterly briefings are the answer.

If you are responsible for content purchasing, information strategy or information team optimisation - or if you are a supplier who wants to better understand these professionals - you have more demands on your time and mindshare than you can handle.

Get a personalised, confidential briefing of Jinfo's latest research and resources every quarter. We'll cover:

  • Research results that matter most to you
  • Latest updates on suppliers and products on your watch list
  • Upcoming webinars and Community sessions aligned with your priorities.

Quarterly briefings are:


  • Ask questions of your analyst
  • Get answers and insights that may not appear in the Jinfo Subscription


  • Analyst summarises discussion points
  • Recommends practical next steps specific to your needs


  • Laser-focused on your concerns
  • Analyst builds relationship over time and predicts your next needs


  • Web-based meetings
  • Scheduled around your availability
  • Recorded for sharing and reuse

Quarterly briefings start at £2400 and can be purchased alone or as an add-on to a Jinfo Subscription.

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Examples of quarterly briefings:

  • Remote information teams in a US-based organisation
    Interpretation of Jinfo Research against their particular interests in specific vendors, improving negotiations, operating more efficiently and improving their current awareness service
  • Global vendor of information products and services
    Overview of latest Jinfo Research to provide talking points on thought leadership topics for sales team and account managers; discussion on latest coverage of their products and the competitive landscape
  • Information team with focus on patent information
    Filtering and analysis of latest Jinfo Research relating to patent products and services, innovation in technology and delivery, and user needs; discussion of products and vendors that would not permit a full review to glean analyst insights collected through desk research
  • Information product provider
    Insight from our research on user needs for their product, language they use and how they describe the problem they are trying to solve; discussion on latest coverage of competitors and insight from analyst on early-stage research underway on products that have not yet been reviewed

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