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When you need to move your department forward, you need three things: a framework, a process, and accountability.

Jinfo Consulting Workshops deliver. Our practical frameworks are grounded in research and guide you to practical results.

Jinfo Consulting Workshops are:

Delivered in three online sessions with homework, to fit into the needs of your team (in-person delivery is an option)

Focused on the real-world needs of your team, in your specific environment

We align our core curriculum with your needs - areas of focus, vocabulary, timeline, frameworks your organisation requires

Cost effective
With a starting price of only £3600, you get core curriculum and foundation materials tailored to your needs and timeframe. Core curriculum and foundation materials mean we deliver a tailored workshop to you for an off-the-shelf price

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Workshops available:

  • Awareness and intelligence evaluation [New]
    Analyse impact, evaluate sources and map needs to available technology to tune-up and enhance your current awareness or intelligence system.
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  • Future-proof your information service
    Get the tools you need to take control of the future.
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  • Holistic content portfolio management
    To manage your content portfolio effectively, you need a comprehensive view of its breadth, depth and value - and you need to earn the trust of key stakeholders.
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  • Assessment and planning workshop
    Compare your structure, services and staff with our benchmark data and walk through possibilities with our analyst to create your development workplan.
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  • Executive-ready communications for your whole team
    Hone your team's communication skills and make your messaging tools executive-ready.
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  • Do better with less: workflow optimisation
    Streamline your workflow and increase your team's productivity while focusing on the activities that bring the highest value to your customers and organisation.
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