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Our Jinfo Consulting analysts will adapt our foundational materials to your specific needs, giving you value for money as well as for your time.

Workshops can be delivered in person or via web-based meetings. Whether you have a team retreat coming up or need to incorporate team members in multiple locations, our flexible training and follow-up will get everyone on the same page while upgrading skills.

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Claire Laybats, Head of Commercial Development

Claire Laybats
Head of Commercial Development, Jinfo

Workshops available:

  • Future-proof your information service
    Get the tools you need to take control of the future. This three-part, interactive, online workshop leads your team through hands-on exercises that will help you draft a customised future-proof plan for your information service.
    Download detailed information (PDF) »

  • Executive-ready communications for your whole team
    Hone your team's communication skills and make your messaging tools executive-ready. In this interactive, online, expert-led workshop your information team will build a toolkit for effectively marketing your work and communicating its value.
    Download detailed information& (PDF) »

  • Holistic content portfolio management
    To manage your content portfolio effectively, you need a comprehensive view of its breadth, depth and value - and you need to earn the trust of key stakeholders. This online workshop series lays the foundation to get you there.
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  • Do better with less: workflow optimisation
    Streamline your workflow and increase your team's productivity while focusing on the activities that bring the highest value to your customers and organisation. In this three-session, online workshop tailored to your team's needs, you will learn and apply the steps of workflow and operations analysis and re-engineering.
    Download detailed information (PDF) »

  • Assessment and planning workshop
    Learn how to hone your strengths while working on weaknesses through this benchmarking-based assessment process and online workshop to prioritise developments. Compare your structure, services and staff with our benchmark data and walk through possibilities with our analyst to create your development workplan.
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