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- Benefits of Jinfo Content -

Save time using our original research and practical resources
  • Access a deep and growing collection of in-depth product reviews that let you compare and contrast

  • Build and act on effective project plans with our practical guidance

  • Jinfo customers say it's like getting an extra member of staff

Define, communicate and measure information value
  • Adopt leading practices on measurement beyond usage data

  • Get specific about who you need to influence and why

  • Define and act on a measurable plan to grow visibility and perceived value

Reinvent information services through insight into what the best companies do
  • Learn from the best how they position information expertise, and adapt their lessons to your environment

  • Make the most of your reporting structure by activating its inherent strengths and minimising its inherent weaknesses

  • Shift organisational mindset about information skills from "transactional" to "strategic"

  • Highlight and help manage the critical yet unacknowledged risks of underdeveloped information practice throughout an organisation.

November 2017

"I do a lot of reading with Jinfo and other materials and what I really like about Jinfo is that it's one of those information sources really pertinent to us a small corporate research service centre. Sometimes sources only offer a component of what interests us - Jinfo is comprehensive so I really appreciate that. It really deals with the issues we're looking at."

Dany Lessard - Manager, Research and Information Centre, Business Development Bank of Canada

September 2017

"Where I find the most value from Jinfo is what I will call my ad hoc use of the service. I don't use it every day. I know I don't use it as much as I should, but I love knowing that it is there when I need this type of information.  It is reliable and is my go-to resource."

Head of Information Services, Biopharmaceutical Mfg. Company

August 2017

"Jinfo has been extremely helpful in providing us with alternatives to sources we didn't even know existed. Their information and recommendations, along with their knowledge of what the 'hot topics' are in the KM industry, definitely give us more to think about!"

Research manager, manufacturing

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Define and manage value for current awareness"Define and manage value for current awareness"

This Research Focus provides analysis, expert articles and product reviews on the state of play for current awareness services (October - December 2017).

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07 Dec 2017

Do you have budget to use by the end of 2017? Consider the range of Jinfo options to make the most of leftover budget. Product review of Factiva. Q&A with Evalueserve - straight talking on data analytics.

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