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FreePint 28th February 2008

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By William Hann and Robin Neidorf

William HannThere is no substitute for a good plan. Goodness knows that results can be unexpected, even with the best of plans, but the investment we make in thoughtful planning always yields dividends.

The value of planning touches almost every aspect of business. Mark Jewell of Lehman Brothers shares his approach to planning for vendor contract negotiations, in his article just added to the FUMSI database. He suggests using the planning process to build your knowledge in five key areas: your market, what’s important to you, what you want to buy, your vendor, and your company.

Robin NeidorfErica Wine offers suggestions for planning in a completely different aspect of business – sharing with the world the unique value of a particular special collection online. Her article, Online Digital Special Collections in English Universities: Promoting Awareness, offers insight into how organisations can better plan for better promotion, by thinking through who their audiences are and may be, as well as recognising their strengths and weaknesses.

Have a plan!It's clear and basic advice, and yet how often do we neglect to invest time in this kind of essential planning? In the race to do the work, it can be difficult to make the time to develop a plan. So what's an overworked professional to do?

  • Keep up with basic awareness. Don't leave your professional reading for 'when you have time'. Even if some weeks you just scan the headlines, you'll be that much further ahead when you need to be up to speed. FreePint offers the Bar Digest for twice-a-week updates on what's on the mind of other info professionals, or capture the Bar's RSS feed.

  • Get help! If you don't have time to plan, you don't have time to do your job. Make the business case for new or overflow staff to pick up lower-level work, to free you up for higher thinking. (Don't forget to post that new vacancy on Jinfo when you get approval!)

  • Reflect. Post-project reviews and documentation are critical elements of any planning process. After all, if you can't determine how well the plan worked, how can you plan better next time?

    In a perfect world, we'd have all the information we need, plenty of time to plan and reflect, the exact right staffing at all times… and maybe even an extra week or two of holiday. In our imperfect world, though, we can build more planning into our days and weeks, a little bit at a time.

    William Hann, Publisher
    Robin Neidorf, General Manager
    Free Pint Limited

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    Executive Search Products -- Free and Fee


    Searching for information on business executives? The major vendors offer options, as do some web-based free and fee products. Read about them in January's VIP.

    Plus an in-depth review of BoardEx, a niche product that gives researchers a unique view of corporate board compositions and relationships.

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     My Favourite Tipples

    By Richard McEachin

    Our Google-Free Wednesdays create familiarity with the new, specialised, and often more relevant search engines. Here are my current Wednesday favourites:

    • I begin with the Google-Free Web, Blog, and Company Information categories using Copernic Agent Professional and export the processed results as a Word document.

    • clusters its results. This works particularly well when searching people. The advanced search is easy to access and use.

    • Searching blogs can be time consuming, but speeds this up with its easy to use blog search. Shut-off the 'adult content' filter and select 60 results per page for best results.

    • and are good for searching on business names. The SuperTarget feature can be very helpful, as can searching in the business and news category. I hope these improve.

    • supports Boolean operators including NEAR. We use the APPROXIMATE SPELLING and PHONETIC SPELLING operators constantly. Exalead is what Google should be. Too bad the database is so small.

    Relevant search engine results go into OneNote then into a final report in Word.

    Richard McEachin is President of Toronto based McEachin & Associates Ltd., which performs due diligence, competitive intelligence, and litigation support research. He is also a licenced Private Investigator. For more of his sources and methods, go to

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    Regional Research Series: Jump-Start Your Project with an Insider's View


    FUMSI Regional Research Reports will help research projects get off to the right start, by highlighting quality sources -- free and paid -- for research in key regions.

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    Dow Jones Factiva

    Widgets: Internet Sushi for the Web 2.0 Crowd

    Webcast on 13th March, 2008 at 4.00pm GMT

    Join Thomas Dopko, Dow Jones Sr. Content Developer, Media Designer and Global Technical Trainer for a guided tour of many practical uses for the widget in current technological playgrounds and work environments and be ready to dazzle with your new widgetry know-how.

    Register for the webcast now <>

     FreePint Bar

    By Monique Cuvelier


    The FreePint Bar is generously sponsored by Dow Jones Factiva

    Monique CuvelierMicrosoft is a hot topic on the FreePint Bar . You'll find some details below on issues people are having with their technologies, plus more discussions on content licences, politics and taxonomies. As ever, you can ask your challenging questions at the Bar.

    • The FT is changing is licencing policies, and a user has posted the question: take up the extra licence or go back to the days of using the print (egads!) version? One thoughtful response points out that the change shifts the cost down the usage chain. Read the entries, and share your thoughts on this change <>.

    • You FreePinters came to the rescue again when someone was looking for 'a sector taxonomy to be used in a CRM at an outplacement company'. A few Bar members posted some useful links for purchasing taxonomies or hints for constructing one from scratch <>. Taxonomies are a key part of managing information - find more tips and resources in the Manage practice area of FUMSI: <>

    • Have you been to your MP's blog lately? If you said yes, you may be contributing to an increasing in political use of social media. Someone is looking for insight into how UK politicians are embracing 2.0 technologies <>.

      Side note: We're tracking this thread at FreePint, so if you have special insight or wish to contribute an article on the topic, let us know at

    • The latest version of Microsoft Office has left many users scratching their heads over missing functionality. This includes one user, who is wondering where a helpful feature in PowerPoint has gone from 97 to 2003 <>. The FP community found some workarounds.

    • Another 'Pinter is looking for Microsoft help, specifically in a 24-hour PC drop-in centre where the computers are locked but left on. Some suggestions on how to disable the shut-down function: <>.

    Monique Cuvelier has been the editor of the FreePint Newsletter and now serves as the contributing editor for FUMSI's Share practice area. She has edited, launched and written for many magazines, newspapers and websites in the US and UK. Learn more about her at <>.

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    • The Economics and Psychology of Personality Traits

    • Monthly Labor Review — January 2008

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    "Managing Successful Vendor Contracts: Part 1 - Preparation"
    FUMSI: Manage

    In the first of a two-part series aimed at managing successful vendor contracts, Mark Jewell looks at preparation as a prerequisite to effective contract negotiation.

    WHAT'S INSIDE: Use [these skills] next time you negotiate an employment contract - I recognise candidates who do and it often costs us money.

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    "Online Digital Special Collections in English Universities: Promoting Awareness"
    FUMSI: Share

    English universities possess a treasure trove of historical materials in their special collections, but promoting awareness of those materials can be challenging. Erica Wine looks at the opportunities that digitisation of special collections presents for enhancing accessibility and public understanding.

    WHAT'S INSIDE: 'You would be in a very rare and lucky situation if the whole world knew about [your collection], and if your institution was not just proud of its treasures, but fully supportive of any initiative to promote and exploit them. This article is for those who are not in such a position.'

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    • Knowledge Management Project Officer
      Knowledge Management Project Officer required on a permanent basis.
      Recruiter: Weekes Gray Recruitment
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    • Records Manager
      Exciting chance to work at prestigious organisation, bringing your records expertise to both paper and electronic records management.
      Recruiter: Sue Hill Recruitment and Services Limited
      Country: United Kingdom

    • Information Services Manager
      You will develop a strategy for development and expansion of existing information services and for liaison with external helpline providers.
      Recruiter: Federation of Master Builders
      Country: United Kingdom

    • Business Researcher - PRIVATE EQUITY
      Private Equity Researcher. New vacancy in expanding international firm for bright Researcher with relevant online research experience.
      Recruiter: Glen Recruitment
      Country: United Kingdom

    • Information and Database Manager
      Organise property asset -related information within an existing new web-based database (Asset Management Database) and other information repositories.
      Recruiter: TFPL
      Country: United Kingdom

    • Council Information and Knowledge Manager
      Deliver our information and records management strategy across the whole Council while leading the information management team.
      Recruiter: Tribal Recruitment
      Country: United Kingdom

    • Researcher
      Excellent opportunity working in a small, dynamic environment, to join our growing and entrepreneurial team.
      Recruiter: The Piedmont Group
      Country: United Kingdom

    [The above jobs are paid listings]

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    VIP issue 51Featured in the February issue:

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    • Financial Services Indicators and Forecasts, from BvDEP and Economist Intelligence Unit
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    International Business and Economics Statistics We've had a request — inquiring minds would like to know where to find international biz stats on the Web. We actually turned up a number of promising fishing holes for you to explore. We'll introduce you to some of them this week and finish up with the rest in next week's ROTW posting.

    Full posting with live links at: <>

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    Collection of Note: Asia

    Our appetite for information from and about Asia never seems to wane. If you're checking out this month's VIP, with its review of QIN as a must-review source of information on Chinese companies, you may also want to take a look at the free reports on the region collected on DocuTicker. View the collection »


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    • "Packaging, Promoting and Persuading"
      28 February 2008

      This session discusses the business competencies necessary for marketing yourself and the information centre. Outcomes are a clearer understanding of the three Ps of marketing and the basics of a marketing plan.

      Organised by: Thomson Scientific
      Location: Amsterdam
      Country: Netherlands

    • "Linking Information Services to Compelling Business Events"
      13th March 2008

      One of the ways Information Professionals can add value to their organization is to identify the underlying business need driving a research request. This helps Information Professionals move the request up the value chain and add depth to their information services.

      Organised by: Thomson Scientific
      Location: New York
      Country: United States

    • "Search Engine Meeting"
      28 - 29 April 2008

      This annual meeting, now in its 13th year, provides a forum and point- of-reference for all those interested in the domain of Search and Retrieval. The Meeting draws together those with a professional interest in search engines - such as search engine designers and developers - and those interested in applying search engines in their own professional environments. Search is at the heart of information retrieval; and the Search Engine Meeting provides an annual point of reference as to what is happening in this fast-moving and exciting field.

      Organised by infonortics
      Location: Boston, MA, USA

    • "Managing Up: Partnering with Stakeholders to Achieve Result"
      15th May 2008

      This workshop focuses on techniques for building the credibility and relationships necessary to inspire productive change. It offers tips on communicating effectively with anyone who might affect the success of your work projects, by identifying and working with specific influencing or relationship building tactics and styles. In short, we look at how we "manage up" to achieve the results that we want for our service.

      Organised by: Thomson Scientific
      Location: London
      Country: United Kingdom

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    A look back at what FreePint covered at this time in previous years:

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    • Ethical Acquisitions
    • Special Collections
    • Corporate IT convergence
    • Collaborative Search Strategies
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