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FreePint 19th February 2009

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By Sara Waddington

Sara WaddingtonAs the amount of information on the Internet has exploded, searching has become complicated. In this issue of the FreePint newsletter, Donna Fryer urges us to remember the 'traditional' sources of information, such as fee databases, because they can often shorten search time, give the most accurate information in a clearly organised manner and often have the most workable format to edit for quality output.

Her article, 'People Information: Finding Accurate, Authoritative and Well Organised Data', highlights that too much information is not a good thing. Quality, targeted and easily-found information will please your clients and will, most likely, help you stay within your budget because of the shorter search times involved.

Finding PeopleHighly precise and targeted information provision were also the targets attained by Veronica Fraser, when she took over management of a government department call centre. In her article,'Answering the Call: Better Knowledge Management = Better Customer Service', she shares her experience in taking a step back to analyse ways to improve customer experience and decrease employee turnover through the use of collaborative tools and flexible technologies. Her first step was to pull together all the information held into a searchable database which became the key knowledge resource for the Customer Service Centre.

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 My Favourite Tipples

By Joanna Ptolomey

Joanna Ptolomey

Alcohol-related harm issues are a global problem costing billions of pounds/dollars to governments and taxpayers every year. The problems include social, health and criminal justice. Interventions range from social and public policy to health and legislation and are being influenced at a global level but also in the community setting. There is a lot of data out there, so where do you start when building up the picture globally, regionally, nationally and locally?

  • The Big Picture: Alcohol consumption rates, costs of harm to country economies, burden on the taxpayer and health system, overviews of legislation and policy and policy options for reducing harm. WHO and EU reports have great data and good overviews, country by country, and they also provide sources of specific country information.

  • Let's get clinical: There are very specific clinical interventions for the different types of alcohol abuse and harm. Always check the "gold standard" evidence base, the Cochrane Systematic Reviews and Meta Analyses, for the highest level of critically appraised evidence. Cochrane reviews are also sometimes integrated into the full version of the Medline database.

  • Social Policy Concerns: Why do people drink excessively and in particular patterns? How does gender, sexuality, ethnicity, socioeconomic status and age play a part? Does public policy and legislation encourage alcohol-related harm? There are a couple of key organizations that provide excellent high quality qualitative research to answer some of these key questions. These include the Joseph Rowntree Foundation, Alcohol Education Research Council, Institute of Alcohol Studies and the Marin Institute.

  • Alcohol and Social Responsibility Groups: In all research, you must avoid bias, so look at the problem from all angles. Perhaps the alcohol industry can play a part in the discussion too, so be open to sources such as partnerships with the drinks industry. See the European Forum for Responsible Drinking, the International Center for Alcohol Policies and The Century Council.

Joanna Ptolomey is a freelance information consultant specialising in research services, consultancy and bespoke training courses for professional researchers and end users. Joanna started her career as a librarian in the NHS before moving to a worldwide consultancy group to work in business information.

She is a Board member of the Scottish Library and Information Council (SLIC), the independent advisory body to the Scottish government and Scottish Ministers on library and information matters.

She can be contacted at

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 FreePint Bar

By Sara Waddington

Sara WaddingtonTools for finance and treasury managers, guest speakers for an information event, permission rights for databases and publishing trends are hot topics on the Bar at the moment. See a round-up of recent conversations below and click through to join the discussion. Post your research dilemmas to the FreePint Bar »

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  • One 'Pinter requests help with finding tools to assist a US-based finance and treasury manager perform tasks such as setting up international accounting structures and procedures, calculating international cash transfers and determining/planning worldwide cash movements and dividends.

  • One Bar member is trying to find guest speakers for an event entitled 'Organising Information' in the UK.

  • Another 'Pinter is looking for established guidelines/good practice for providing permission rights to an organisational database. Any pointers to research or guidance would be gratefully received.

  • Another 'Pinter has requested help locating recent statistics on publication trends for scientific periodicals. In particular, he would like data on the number of articles or pages appearing in journals.

  • Can you help a Barista with a ranking of the main companies in Monaco?

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People Information: Finding Accurate, Authoritative and Well Organised Data


Although free information on people abounds on the Web, the quantity isn't always matched by quality. User-generated information, for instance, may skew accuracy, and verification can be tricky. Donna Fryer recommends revisiting the 'Big Three' fee databases of Factiva, Dialog and LexisNexis to be sure that the people data you use is reliable.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'Going back to the days when things were simpler and you could rely on only having to know search parameters in fee-based databases, searchers need to keep in mind that database searching is often a better alternative to Web research and we need to reacquaint ourselves with the 'Big 3' (Factiva, Dialog, and LexisNexis) fee-based database offerings.'

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Answering the Call: Better Knowledge Management = Better Customer Service


When she took over management of a government department call centre in September 2004, Veronica Fraser had experience with library and information services but none with call centres. She shares her experience in taking a step back to analyse ways to improve customer experience and decrease employee turnover through the use of collaborative tools and flexible technologies.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'Our performance records show a step change from September 2004 onwards, with fewer calls abandoned as wait times improved, more calls answered and better information provided in response to oral and emailed questions - all with the same technology and the same number of information advisers.'

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VIP issue 62VIP Magazine No.62

  • People Information: Donna Fryer advises on finding reliable data on people using 'The Big Three'.

  • Under Review: Joanna Ptolomey assesses the Social Science Research Network (SSRN) in its 15th year of existence; and Diana Nutting looks closely at ISI DealWatch.

  • Inside Aggregation: Paul Al-Nakaash of LexisNexis explains the processes involved in the vendor-publisher licensing relationship.

  • Creative Input: the UK government's IPO has begun a review of copyright with a view to amending it for the 21st century; and other industry news and product updates.

VIP Magazine No.62 »

In the next VIP: KYC review.

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  • Not only can enterprise content management help you work more efficiently - it's also environmentally friendly. That at any rate is the verdict of Gartner, in a recent report Enterprise Content Management Strategies for Green IT.......
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  • Business information providers have always played a key role in supplying firms with comprehensive and timely company data. Businesses which have had to cut back on their marketing budgets in these straitened times are having to become more efficient in their sales prospecting........
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  • Automatic Classification
  • Alternative Search Engines
  • Federated Search Blogging
  • Research: A Strategy for Raising US $1 Million


  • Interview with Robin Bew of EIU
  • KYC Review - LexisNexis and Dow Jones Watchlist

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