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FreePint 9th December 2010


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  • US Private Companies: Research and Analysis
  • Community is a six letter word

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  • VIP Horizon
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Jobs in Information:

  • Senior Researcher - Natural Resources
  • Senior Researcher - Healthcare
  • Call for Candidates
  • Science Information Officer
  • More...

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  • Cataloguing and classification

Highlights from DocuTicker

  • Dashed Hopes - Continuation of the Gaza Blockade
  • CRS -- U.S. Nuclear Cooperation with India: Issues for Congress

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  • Resource of the Week - Fact Sheets on Europe


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Robin NeidorfBy Robin Neidorf

Online Information - Your Thoughts Needed

The start of December now means one thing to me: Online Information. Thanks to all our contributors, friends, sponsors and supporters who stopped by our stand last week in London. (Take a minute to check out our photos.)

FreePint Research is now undertaking a project to understand how you feel about this industry event. Take 5 minutes and complete this anonymous survey, regardless of whether you attended, and help shape the next evolution of a key event in the information world:

      FreePint Survey on Online       Information »

Welcome Michelle ManafyFreePint's big announcement at Online Information was of a great strategic hire: Please join me in welcoming Michelle Manafy as Director of Content for FreePint. You'll be hearing more from Michelle in this space following the New Year, and in the meantime read the press release about her.

Although snow stopped trains, planes and automobiles in the United Kingdom during the show, our meetings were plentiful and productive. The hardest part is to sort through all the follow-up tasks and make sense of what to do next!

What Do You Want from FreePint in 2011?

FreePint Family editors spoke up during a delightful editorial dinner to ask for more feedback from readers about topics you want covered and products you want reviewed in 2011. Our editors have plenty of their own ideas, but they much prefer commissioning work to your specifications.

Take a minute to tell us what you want in FreePint in 2011, and we'll make every effort to make it happen.

Build Your Toolkit

Events like Online Information inspire me to try out new tools, and the quiet period at the end of December offers a bit of time in which to do so. A few of my recommendations for ways to build your own toolkit, if you too have a quiet week or two during the holiday season:

Enjoy your investigations, and let us know what you think of what you discover. Have a question about something you want to put in your toolkit but just can't find? Post it to the FUMSI Forum and get answers from other members of our global audience.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research

FreePint is a Registered Trademark of Free Pint Limited (R) 1997-2010

 My Favourite Tipples

Arthur WeissBy Arthur Weiss

One of the benefits of attending the Online Conference and Exhibition is the list of new, unfamiliar, and "how could I have forgotten" sites that call out to be explored and tested and used. This year's conference that recently ended was no different. Sites included real-time search, regular search, social media, news and more. Many sites will probably have the lifespan of a supermarket yoghurt left out in the sun (I can dream as the snow falls around me). Nevertheless some are worth looking at. So here are some mentioned, some not mentioned that should have been, and my favourites.

  • is my favourite, described by one speaker as the news search engine he'd depend on if stranded on a desert island. I always include this news tool in my own training workshops and it justifiably takes the crown - integrating news stories, video, twitter feeds, and more. It even shows a chart of how stories connect with each other, and the news trends.

  • is a search engine that I like and think is well worth trying. In a round-up of search engines it wasn't mentioned which is a shame, as I think it's much better than competitors. Of course it's not up there with Google or Bing for comprehensiveness but on its AboutUs page it boldly states that it could not care less. What Yauba focuses on is 'intelligence' i.e. Bringing you good results, consistently - without stealing your personal details.

  • There are many sites that can be used for searching the deep web. was mentioned several times, justifiably. It is a good business search tool and I include it among my other faves such as (Northern Light) and for searching for business sites in the deep web, that Google, Bing, et al tend to miss.

  • also gained several mentions, and is a good way of searching the realtime web. Importantly it doesn't just search Twitter but includes results from other sources - blogs (and blog comments), video and more. This makes it complementary to Google's own Realtime search ( and, I think, much better than some of the other realtime search feeds.

  • now redirects to - and although was in one presenter's slides, was skipped over owing to this change and now lack of business interest. However, every collection of Tipples should include something whimsical or tabloid so this is mine. is a real-time search for finding where your favourite celebrity has just been. If you want to stalk Johnny Depp or Natalie Portman then this is the site for you.

Arthur Weiss is managing director of AWARE, specialising in competitive intelligence training, research and analysis. He focuses on training clients find, understand and manage business-critical intelligence using secondary research sources. He teaches all aspects of competitive intelligence and leads a course on marketing research at Thames Valley University. He spoke at the Online Information conference on the use of social media for research. Based in the UK, he can be contacted via his web site at

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Using Factiva's powerful search features you can find results fast and monitor news on companies, industries, issues and regional affairs.

Find accurate, trustworthy and timely information faster.

Learn more:

Bureau Van Dijk

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 FreePint Bar

The FreePint Bar is where we publish information about the latest content from across the FreePint Family of resources.

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Dow Jones      Bureau Van Dijk

Latest posts at the FreePint Bar:

  • [FUMSI] Latest popular articles

    The following are the most popular FUMSI articles over the last 30 days:

    * Software for Taxonomy Creation and Management
    * Corporate Culture vs The Social Intranet
    * Treasuring Twitter: The Why and How of Preserving Tweets
    * For Digital Asset Management, Search is Not Enough
    * Curated information: what it means for researchers

    Free uses of FUMSI articles are supported by our sponsors.
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  • [VIP] Latest popular LiveWire posts

    There's a lot of valuable comment at the VIP LiveWire. The following are the most popular posts from our contributing editors over the last 30 days:

    * Social networks - companies still aren't ready
    * Legal information growth? It depends...
    * New reference tools for online searchers
    * CODIES 2010 - Productivity is King?
    * Ain't No Mountain High Enough: Factiva

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  • [RS] Resource of the Week: Fact Sheets on Europe

    Many factsheets on Europe reflect its status as one of the most economically developed regions of the world -- both in the kinds of economic activity discussed (advanced industry and a large service sector), and the types of problems attendant on such economies (notably relating to health and the environment). This economic basis also underlies factsheets on the political and social conditions in European countries.
    Read posting online »

  • [RS] Resource of the Week: Yahoo! Search Clues

    Yahoo! now has a "trends" service. OK, so they're a little late to the party on this one -- Google, after all, launched Google Trends back in 2006 -- but now you can see what's trending on Yahoo!, as described in a blog post last week:

    "With Yahoo! Clues, you can discover and compare trending information for search terms of interest to you, or explore popular trending search terms on Yahoo!

    "You can see search volume charts, demographic graphs, maps, or even related searches specific to a demographic group. We're also experimenting with an interesting feature called 'Search Flow,' - which offers a unique look at people's search patterns and the next most probable search term people try after searching for a query."
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 FUMSI Features

FUMSIFUMSI publishes articles, tools, and a monthly magazine, to give you practical help with information skills. Visit

However you Find, Use, Manage or Share Information, you'll find something in FUMSI to help.

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We add new articles to the FUMSI database in each practice area every month, which are free to read, browse, email, print or save. Here are the most recent additions:

US Private Companies: Research and Analysis

Amelia KasselBy Amelia Kassel

With variant, and even fictitious, names and no requirement to disclose financial and other information, US private company research is a particular challenge for info pros. But the sources, tips and tricks covered by Amelia Kassel will open the gates to finding this vital competitor intelligence.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'As public disclosure is not required, US private company research is challenging and information must be sleuthed, pieced together and, at times, extrapolated. But by using the sources and techniques presented in this article you can paint a picture of a company's solvency and answer essential questions. These sources are also essential to competitive intelligence and market research, and invaluable for M&A negotiations or other due diligence.'

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Community is a six letter word

Dr Andrew SpongBy Dr Andrew Spong

A year on from its inception, web-based community Healthcare Social Media Europe is well-established with 300 members, three websites and an international conference under its 'belt', not to mention the unpronounceable hastag #hcsmeu. Co-founder Dr Andrew Spong considers where to go from here to ensure that all groups with an interest in healthcare have a voice, and the community continues to provide advice across Europe.

WHAT'S INSIDE: 'Web-based community Healthcare Social Media Europe's pan-European membership has brought together people across Europe in the name of their shared fascination with every aspect of the health conversation between patients, healthcare professionals and the pharmaceutical industry.'

Read, print, save or forward this article now »


The latest recommendations and tips from our editors, contributors and community:

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FUMSI - Forthcoming Topics

  • Embedded librarians
  • HTML5 for info pros
  • The Big Three: Comparison of Bing, Yahoo and Google
  • Newspaper paywalls: What they mean for info pros

If you have a suggestion for an article topic, or would like to write, then please contact <> or read the notes for authors at

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Financial Times

Financial Times now available on Bloomberg Professional

The Financial Times and Bloomberg have announced that FT customers with a corporate licence will be able to access Financial Times journalism via the Bloomberg Professional® service.

Read the full press release.

The new service will be available to more than 295,000 Bloomberg subscribers. To find out more, please contact the Financial Times.


Experience the World's First Collaborative Search Engine

Introducing SearchTeam:

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 VIP Features

VIP VIP publishes in-depth, unbiased reviews of business information products. If you purchase or use premium information resources, make VIP part of your professional reading every month »

VIP issue 84VIP Magazine

VIP Magazine features VIP Horizon, a brief summary of important news in the information industry, interpreted to help information managers communicate upward regarding strategy, risk management and planning for change.

The most recent issue of VIP (No. 84) includes the following in VIP Horizon:

Bad data is costing United States business $700 billion a year according to a recent report. Incorrect and outdated values, missing data and inconsistent formats are among the flaws highlighted.

A further report shows eight out of ten European IT professionals believing that their corporate networks are clogged up with unused data and applications, leading to inefficiencies costing sometimes more than EUR 2 million a year. Finally a third survey finds that most companies don't have a return on investment figure for their social media spending, with many reporting difficulty integrating their social media activities with other parts of the business.

* * *

Legal professionals spend around half their time receiving and managing information instead of actually using it. Indeed, legal information provider LexisNexis even goes so far as to claim that the UK legal industry is under-billing and over-servicing because information management is taking up such a sizeable proportion of the day.

Part of the solution may be behavioural, including using better keywords and Boolean operators when searching. But there is also now a bewildering array of technology-based workflow solutions claiming to help professionals avoid constantly having to switch applications as they work - and someone has to keep track of what's available.

* * *

Two out of three IT managers admit that their companies are having to wait to receive critical data, mainly because of lack of resources for improvements. Nevertheless chief executives will be hesitant about further technology investment in 2011 if confidence continues to decline.

Most chief information officers should therefore assume that they'll get very limited increases in resources. Consequently, one consultant advises them to make sure their contribution to cash generation is visible in the projects they do pursue, and also suggests that they target at least one major business process to be revolutionised or obliterated in 2011 or 2012.

* * *

Social media may be transforming marketing according to one report, but there is still doubt whether blogs can really represent an entire customer base. Although sampling on a huge scale is possible, contributors to microblogging services such as Twitter may actually be pursuing their own paid-for agenda.

Consequently, scale doesn't necessarily equate to stable data in research terms. In any case, evidence from one leading technology consultant suggests that microblogging is already well over the top of its hype cycle and sliding rapidly into the Trough of Disillusionment, while cloud computing has also just passed the Peak of Inflated Expectations.

* * *

Only two C-level positions made it into the Top 10 user group of social network usage by employees at the largest corporations in America: Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Information Officer. The least socially savvy users were in Finance, according to a study by B2B marketing database provider NetProspex.

Determined by a business person's social connectedness, social activity, friendliness and reach across top social networks, the survey found search engine and online portals and advertising to be the most social industries, with banking coming in third ahead of traditional media. Trucking, laundry and funeral-related services were at the bottom.

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VIP LiveWire

VIP contributing editors comment daily on what's happening in the industry.
Visit the LiveWire for their insights, and subscribe to the free VIP Wires Weekly for regular alerts.

VIP Wires Weekly is generously sponsored by Financial Times.

Financial Times

Most Read Postings on the LiveWire Recently...

  • ILI 2010: the future lies in the cloud
    Day two of this year's Internet Librarian International Conference, held in London on October 14 and 15 concentrated on the use of digital media in a library environment and included some thought-provoking presentations. The overriding theme of the day was: embrace the virtual world or become irrelevant...
    Read posting online »

  • NOOKcolor
    It's got a full color multi-touch screen, runs apps, allows you to surf the Web...and yet it's not made by Apple. This week Barnes & Noble rolled out its newest iteration of the NOOK, NOOKcolor, and it appears to be an evolutionary jump from the standard black and white eReader towards a more fully functioned tablet PC. As James McQuivey, who covers consumer product strategy for Forrester, pointed out in his Oct 26 blog posting, 'Because one day, all eReaders will be tablets, just as all tablets are already eReaders'...
    Read posting online »

  • Woodhead Publishing Goes Digital
    More signs of traditional publishers moving into digital formats: Woodhead Publishing, an independent publisher of scientific and technical books, announced at the Frankfurt Book Fair last week that it is launching its online platform, Woodhead Publishing Online...
    Read posting online »

  • Dow Jones targets management consultants
    ike most industry sectors, management consulting has suffered in the recession, with revenues in the UK down by 6 percent in 2009. According to the UK's Management Consultancies Association, the future for the sector is now brighter, with the first half of this year seeing growth again...
    Read posting online »

  • LinkedIn signals a new internet phase
    For a while now business networking site LinkedIn has been adopting features already offered by its social networking counterparts: since May, for example, LinkedIn users are able to "follow" companies as you would on Facebook or Twitter; company profiles, very similar in lay-out to member profiles, were launched in April...
    Read posting online »

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VIP LiveWire »

VIP Wire

Information-related product and news announcements. Post your releases and subscribe to the free VIP Wires Weekly for regular alerts.

Recent VIP Wire announcements...

  • 150,000 market report titles now available on Repo
    Today, ( the online destination for market research reports, is pleased to announce that its online catalogue has passed the 150,000 product mark. With continual content growth since the site's launch just four years ago, the London-based company is steadily achieving its goal of becoming the number one online destination for business intelligence for the major industry sectors...
    Read Press Release online »

  • Reprints Desk Announces E-Distribution Agreement
    New England Journal of Medicine Reaches Electronic Distribution Agreement with Reprints Desk
    Distribution Agreement Expands Reprints Desk's Electronic Sourcing Capabilities to the World's Three Highest 'Impact Factor' Medical Publishers...
    Read Press Release online »

  • Credo Reference and ProQuest Sign Agreement
    Oxford and Boston, 7th December 2010 - Credo Reference, the award-winning online reference library, has signed an agreement with ProQuest to integrate their acclaimed The Annual Register into the Credo General Reference service. This will be the first ProQuest reference source available on the Credo Reference platform...
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VIP - Forthcoming Topics

  • Perfect Information
  • Knowledge.Works
  • The Practical Law Company
  • Knowledge Xchange
  • The New Dialog

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FreePint Volume: Essential Collection on News Content

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JinfoJinfo is the central location for supporting your information career. The Jinfo Jobs database lists vacancies, and the Jinfo Events database lists workshops, conferences, training, webinars and other professional development opportunities.

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Jinfo Jobs:

Here is a selection of the latest featured vacancies in the Jinfo database:

  • Senior Researcher - Natural Resources
    To be the Global Natural Resources ( Oil & Gas + Utilities) sector specialist at managerial level for client in financial sector...
    Recruiter: Glen Recruitment
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Senior Researcher - Healthcare
    Looking for a Healthcare specialism role? Our client, a global investment bank, has a senior...
    Recruiter: Sue Hill Recruitment and Services Limited
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Call for Candidates
    Fabric recruitment is launching its Information Division soon; send your CV to to register...
    Recruiter: Fabric Recruitment
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Science Information Officer
    We are looking for a part-time Science Information Officer to help us to provide a high quality information service...
    Recruiter: Diabetes UK
    Country: United Kingdom

  • Technical Project Manager
    A leading law firm require a Technical Project Manager for a 6 month full time contract...
    Recruiter: TFPL Intelligent Resources
    Country: United Kingdom

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Jinfo Events:

Here is a selection of the latest featured events in the Jinfo database:

  • Cataloguing and classification
    The course provides a basic introduction to the skills of information organisation in the context of library & information service.
    Organiser: CILIP
    Date: 14 - 15th Dec 2010
    Country: United Kingdom

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 Highlights from DocuTicker

DocuTicker publishes citations of full-text, free reports available on the web. Visit daily for new postings, or subscribe to the weekly DocuTicker Newsletter.

Recent postings:

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 Highlights from ResourceShelf

ResourceShelfEvery week, the editors of ResourceShelf explore a Resource of the Week. Get them for free every week via email by subscribing to the ResourceShelf Newsletter.

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Recently published:

Resource of the Week - Fact Sheets on Europe

Many factsheets on Europe reflect its status as one of the most economically developed regions of the world -- both in the kinds of economic activity discussed (advanced industry and a large service sector), and the types of problems attendant on such economies (notably relating to health and the environment). This economic basis also underlies factsheets on the political and social conditions in European countries.

Not all factsheets on Europe have a European provenance. The collection of Background Notes from the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of European and Eurasian Affairs are quite thorough, offering statistics, history, maps and the names of US officials in each country. In addition, there is often a link to a comprehensive Library of Congress Country Study. Another interesting feature of these factsheets is that they are written with the official perception of the relationship between America and the subject country in view.

The EU's own Fact sheets on the European Union are broken down in two ways -- by Topics and by Contents. These are essentially different ways of presenting the main subject areas discussed in the fact sheets, namely...
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A look back at what the FreePint Newsletter covered at this time in previous years:

FreePint Newsletter Archive »

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