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Jinfo Newsletter No.467

Jinfo Newsletter 467

23rd March 2017

Robin Neidorf


It's rare that we publicly acknowledge the talented people of Jinfo, but indulge me while I do so today. Please help me welcome Amy Burns, who joined us recently following an 18-year stint as a research manager for a consulting firm. 

Amy recently sat in the same chair as you:

  • Running a busy research service
  • Purchasing information products
  • Keeping knowledge flowing through the organisation
  • Setting information strategy... and then convincing stakeholders and decision-makers to fund it.

In the few months since Amy began working with us, I've learned an enormous amount about the on-the-ground realities you face, and the many creative ways she found to address them.

I asked her what was top-of-mind for her at the end of Quarter 1 during her years as a research manager. "This was an important period for learning about new products in the market," she said. "It was a good time to scan the field for what was out there and what we might look at."

Her answer surprised me at first, but then it made more sense: end-of-year and January contracts are signed; work plans are in place. End of March through the beginning of June does offer a chance to step back and gather new information.

Which makes it a great time to review Jinfo's market landscape reports. These reports compare the many products and offerings in a specific category of content. Recent offerings:

When we have published a review of a product covered in a market landscape, the report links to the full review.

All Jinfo Reports, including market landscapes and product reviews, are included in your Subscription. Find more by scanning our Reports page.

Have questions about what we produce, how you can use it or how to get more value from your Jinfo Account? Although I'm always available to help, I also encourage you to reach out to Amy at - she knows your world.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research

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