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Jinfo Newsletter No.472

Jinfo Newsletter 472

8th June 2017

Robin Neidorf


Making it to Phoenix for the 2017 SLA Annual Conference? Let me know ( - I'm finalising my meeting schedule now.

Among my activities in Phoenix:

Conference season kickoff

Conference season kicked off for me in May, however, when I attended one of my favourite events: The Perfect Information Conference (PIC). This was the 14th year of this unique event, which brings together senior-level information professionals and vendors to discuss some of the most challenging - and exciting - topics in our industry.

This year's topics included AI, Brexit, unmet needs in the information job market and running truly global information teams. Read more coverage from our team here

Get practical

Over the years Jinfo has participated in PIC, I've found that it sets the tone for the rest of the year. 2017's presentations and discussions highlighted plenty of areas of uncertainty, but also a practical focus of, "well, let's get on with it, then".

It's a sentiment very much aligned with Jinfo's style. Conference season is a great time to network, get new ideas, and encounter innovations... but then we have to DO something with all of it. 

This is where Jinfo shines:

  • Articles and reports that always include practical next steps
  • Webinars that leave you with adaptable worksheets and tools
  • Community sessions in which you can exchange successes and failures with your peers
  • Consulting that turns our insights into your next actions.

How can we help you? Fill in our quick contact form and let me know.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research

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