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Jinfo Newsletter No.514

Jinfo Newsletter 514

7th March

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Robin NeidorfYou don't need a new system. You need to make more of what you already have.

That's the advice we give 90% of the teams who work with us on reengineering and optimisation. Our consulting workshop, "Do better with less: workflow optimisation", focuses on the HOW of your work rather than which platforms you use to manage it.

The solution isn't a better project management tool, or a smarter knowledgebase, or a mobile app, or additional headcount.

Instead, Jinfo's approach to optimisation asks you to deepen your understanding of exactly what your team is doing day-to-day, and how those actions drive towards long-term goals.

This Jinfo process requires two elements. Neither is complex or expensive:

  1. Dedicate time: when you put appointments in your calendar, you honour the commitment and progress is made. The same is true when time is dedicated to workflow optimisation.
  2. Accountability: the most successful Jinfo customers are those who build accountability into their optimisation efforts, particularly whilst learning new habits.

Jinfo clients say our support - structured learning opportunities requiring dedicated time and accountability - have driven their progress on workflow optimisation more than other tools and platforms they've invested in.

Join our upcoming Community session, "Jinfo for optimising a team of researchers", for access to information that empowers you to focus on bettering the systems you already have onboard.

We've also published "Jinfo for optimising your research service" on our blog. We share recent resources, tips and research.

Even better, all of these resources are included in your Jinfo Subscription.

If you've already determined this is an area in which you need support and extra accountability, consider bringing in Jinfo Consulting for a one-on-one approach with one of our talented analysts.

Whether you work on your own, with your peers or with Jinfo Consulting, optimisation is within reach as long as you dedicate time and apply accountability.

Robin Neidorf
Director of Research and Head of Consulting

How do you apply SOAPS?

Improving your team's efficiency and value doesn't mean you halt services. In fact, that's your last resort.

Learn about the SOAPS approach to optimisation. Then bring this knowledge in-house with a Jinfo Consulting workshop: "Do better with less: workflow optimisation".

Learn more about workshops now.


A Jinfo Subscription connects your team with the practical tools, original research and expertise to build and support information strategy in your organisation.

Articles, reports and events that help you save time and money and plan for the future... any time, without leaving your desk. Learn more.

Articles - view all:

Reports - view all:


Webinars - at your desk learning - book now:

Community sessions - confidential live discussions - book now:


Jinfo TipSubscription Tip: Browse our topic categories to view our content by filter such as company source, content management or information purchasing.


Who benefits from a Jinfo Subscription?

Our all-original research is for you and your team if you are responsible for content purchasing, information strategy or optimising your research service.

Jinfo SubscriptionA Jinfo Subscription has these benefits:

  • Saves time by using our original research and practical resources
  • Define, communicate and measure information value
  • Reinvent information services through insight into what the best companies do.

Benefits and pricing »


Bring our insights in-house. We'll work with you to make strategic changes in operations, enhance stakeholder relationships and future-proof your information service. Learn more

"The accidental technologist - where your expertise meets the new world"
Our Research Focus for January to March

Read about the Research Focus: The accidental technologist - where your expertise meets the new worldWhether the challenge is around data analytics, authentication, intranet optimisation or digital rights management, today's information professionals need to be technology-savvy in order to be good advisors and partners on information-related projects.

This Research Focus provides you with the insights and tools you need to be a technology-savvy partner and advisor on information technology-related projects.

Learn more and request a free copy of the Insights and Actions report »

Jinfo Blog


  • My Favourite Tipples from a head of horticultural information on 6th March
    My Favourite Tipples are shared by Sian Tyrrell of the Royal Horticultural Society. Sian shares some of her go-to resources in areas from plants to science, research, GDPR, plus where she turns for fun.

  • Research update - optimisation at your fingertips on 21st February
    Learn how Jinfo's Subscription resources and consulting offerings help your get more value from the same (or smaller) headcount. Whether it's webinars on improving efficiency, competency frameworks or examples of how technology is transforming industries, we've got something to shape your thinking and inform your action plans.

Visit the Blog »

Jinfo Testimonials
"The Research Focus helped us to see where our strengths are and what we must focus on. This greatly helps in positioning the team when we speak to senior management."
Barbara Reissland, owner, Library Consult
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