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Jinfo Newsletter: 2013

Issues of the Jinfo Newsletter published in 2013.

FreePint No. 389
19th December 2013

News and beyond aggregation are under scrutiny in December with the Buyer's Guide on News Content published earlier this month and the results of our Annual Survey on News Needs & Preferences published this week. Along with the reports, there's also the opportunity to read the 50+ articles, Q&As, reviews and case studies published as part of the FreePint Topic Series: Beyond Aggregation.

  • FreePint Report: Survey on News Needs & Preferences 2013.
  • Product Review of InfoNgen.

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FreePint No. 388
5th December 2013

FreePint's Community of Practice sessions will next year be available in-person, with events upcoming in London and New York in January and Chicago and Minneapolis in February. Sessions allow FreePint Subscribers to connect in real time with peers around critical topics like changes in news aggregation, mobile content security, and the value of content investments.

  • Integration and Improvement on the News Aggregation Menu.
  • Q&A with Acquire Media: Giving Companies a "NewsEdge".

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FreePint No. 387
21st November 2013

As user requirements change and news aggregation vendors introduce product enhancements, Robin Neidorf asks: what is the real need for delivering news content into the organisation, now and into the future? Is it better to treat corporate users as one group or to separate them into those who're happy with "light, summary-type news" and those for whom "deep, multilingual, probably premium-priced" options are essential? FreePint's Community of Practice calls present an ideal arena in which to discuss such issues with peers across the industry.

  • The Big Three for News: Then and Now.
  • FreePint Report: Product Review of & Analytik.

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FreePint No. 386
7th November 2013

For many organisations it's budget planning season. Researching, evaluating and selecting which products and technologies to include and deciding when to make the leap to the next generation technology make this a challenging time. FreePint's product reviews, vendor commentary, technology analysis and Communities of Practice help support budget planning and return on investment decisions throughout the year.

  • NewsEdge: Enhanced Media Monitoring.
  • FreePint Report: Product Review of M-Adaptive.

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FreePint No. 385
24th October 2013

Robin Neidorf picks article and review highlights from the two FreePint Topic Series running this month: Compliance in Context and Beyond Aggregation and introduces the Series planned for 2014 which include The Social Enterprise, Next-Generation Competitive Intelligence, Copyright Symposium, and Licensing and Pricing.

  • Keep Up-To-Date on Compliance Tools & Issues.
  • Q&A with Alacra: Onboarding to Ongoing.

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FreePint No. 384
10th October 2013

FreePint offers many opportunities to get engaged with peers through Communities of Practice or webinars in areas from mobile deployment to international copyright.

  • Buyer Perspectives on News Content.
  • Understanding Technology Culture.

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FreePint No. 383
19th September 2013

After a relatively quiet summer, fans of FreePint Webinars have plenty to look forward to in the coming months.

  • Talking with Vendors about Compliance.
  • Mini Review: Best Practices LLC.

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FreePint No. 382
5th September 2013

The FreePint Topic Series: Compliance in Context is launched, and the Topic Series: Beyond Aggregation is underway. Learn more about these series and how you can benefit from registering for them. Other new content in FreePint is highlighted, including product reviews, industry commentary, source updates and more.

  • Early Results on FreePint's News Needs and Preferences Survey.
  • Product Review of BvD Compliance Catalyst.

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FreePint No. 381
21st August 2013

FreePint's Director of Research, Robin Neidorf, presents a round-up of current and upcoming FreePint Research in areas from news needs and preferences to compliance. FreePint's monthly updates on news sources are always popular and the annual FreePint Survey: News Needs and Preferences is now in it sixth year with the research focus evolving to reflect the changing marketplace.

  • What Do Consultancy Firms Want From FreePint?
  • Product Review of Leadership Companies Premium.

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FreePint No. 380
8th August 2013

Analysis of FreePint usage logs shows the popularity of recent articles in the FreePint Topic: Sources. Keeping updated on new sources and source changes is frequently cited by new FreePint Subscribers as a key reason behind their purchase.

  • Biopharma Companies in a State of Flux.
  • FreePint Report: Product Review of Global Financial Data.

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FreePint No. 379
18th July 2013

Since the recent introduction of FreePint Topics, it's become easier to explain and demonstrate the value of FreePint. The Topics are "must-have" for any business to be efficient and competitive, and the FreePint approach is to focus on articles that provide unique, practical and actionable insight.

  • Go Forth with (Due) Diligence.
  • Developing Your Library's Operational Plan.

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FreePint No. 378
4th July 2013

Recent changes in suppliers, questions from senior leadership and reactive response to popular technology have all prompted FreePint customers to turn to us... and here's how we've helped.

  • Making the Case for Knowledge in Financial Services.
  • FreePint Report: News Aggregation Products and Trends.

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FreePint No. 377
20th June 2013

Live events enable us to sit down face to face to build and cement professional relationships. The past month has offered a bonanza of in-person opportunities.

  • Vendor Chaos in the Mobile World.
  • ProQuest Dialog: Nearly Ready for Prime Time.

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FreePint No. 376
6th June 2013

Keeping skills and expertise current, and even ahead of the curve, is essential to ensure that information professionals continue to play a strategic role within organisations and contribute to key areas such as business development.

  • Knowledge Management: Importance, Challenges and Prospects.
  • Satisfying the Appetite for Legal Apps.

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FreePint No. 375
23rd May 2013

FreePint introduces four key topics which are consistently on the "must have" list for FreePint Subscribers. Robin Neidorf explains how to get free Topic Updates by email and introduces the wealth of information available in the premium offering: the FreePint Subscription.

  • Webinar Will Bring Big Data Down to Size.
  • Mobile Strategy in the Investments Business.

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FreePint No. 374
9th May 2013

FreePint's new Series approach tackles essential topics through articles, reports, case studies and webinars. The current Series is "Big Data in Action" with a series on mobile security coming in the summer and an autumn series on regulatory compliance planned.

  • Big Data... And the Information Professional.
  • FreePint Report: Internal Communications.

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FreePint No. 373
18th April 2013

Keeping on top of additions and deletions in databases, new articles, reports and information nuggets published, and tracking new sources and developments in source functionality is a tough call. FreePint's focus on "source awareness" aims to address this need.

  • Staying Alert to FreePint Content.
  • Elsevier Acquires Mendeley - Sell-out or Wise Move?

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FreePint No. 372
4th April 2013

As information professionals we spend considerable time and resources evaluating and selecting the best sources to support business research and to allow us to provide high-quality information, insight and analysis to other parts of the business.

  • FreePint Subscription Case Study: Cargill.
  • Mixed Messages on Big Data.

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FreePint No. 371
21st March 2013

Are we battling technology or leveraging it? Far from solving our problems, technologies such as intranets often seem designed to frustrate. And as for big data, that's the latest and, some would argue, "biggest" challenge to date.

  • Using FreePint to Support Skills Upgrades.
  • UK Legal Market Research: What Librarians Get and What They Want.

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FreePint No. 370
7th March 2013

Robin Neidorf considers the role of teams within and between departments and explores how a FreePint Team Subscription can support learning, increase collaboration, and aid the organisation's overall understanding of critical information-related challenges and opportunities. And don't miss out on the special offer!

  • Access. Good? Bad? Double-edged sword?
  • FreePint Report: Competitive Intelligence.

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FreePint No. 369
21st February 2013

Two recent FreePint feature articles focus on topics heard around many a conference table: my "Big Data, FreePint Style" announces a publication series we'll be producing in April and May, exploring real-world applications of this somewhat fuzzy concept of "big data".

  • Big Data, FreePint-Style.
  • FreePint Report: Product Review of Key Note.

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FreePint No. 368
7th February 2013

An emphasis on sharing and openness often seems hardwired into the psyche of librarians and information professionals but not every organisation's culture is as receptive.

  • Mini Reviews Provide an Enticing Taster.
  • FreePint Report: Compliance Sampler.

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FreePint No. 367
24th January 2013

A flurry of mini reviews on a number of new products provides FreePint Subscribers with a glimpse into what the information publishing world considers "product excellence". These articles, being published now through early February, share quick insights from our researchers on sources, content, favourite features, outputs and usability.

  • Mini Review: Infotrieve Mobile Library Rx.
  • Nothing is Certain Except Death, Taxes... and Compliance.

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FreePint No. 366
10th January 2013

The final two reports published in 2012 provide original insight into both buyer needs and market players for news content. New FreePint Articles highlight significant M&A activity, tips on data discovery and unique value of unexpected tools.

  • Interesting Times Ahead for Intranet Managers.
  • Upgrading to a Resource Discovery Interface.

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