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Jinfo Newsletter: 2016

Issues of the Jinfo Newsletter published in 2016.

Jinfo No.461
15th December 2016

How prepared are you for 2017? Use our Insights & Actions reports to focus your strategic planning.

  • Product review of BMI Research.
  • Jinfo survey on data analytics.

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Jinfo No.460
1st December 2016

What are the most pressing data analytics challenges and questions facing information professionals as we head into 2017?

  • Standards and ethics in the use of big data.
  • Overcoming common data analytics risks.

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Jinfo No.459
17th November 2016

How to use your remaining 2016 budget to maximise opportunities and value next year.

  • Product review of EMIS Professional.
  • Strategic planning - aligning information strategy with the business.

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Jinfo No.458
3rd November 2016

Find out how our custom strategy workshops can help you to answer critical questions around information strategy in your environment.

  • Research on UK legal purchasing preferences and needs 2016.
  • Key concepts in data analytics.

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Jinfo No.457
20th October 2016

Highlighting the central and strategic role of information professionals in data analytics.

  • Market landscape - the leaders in big data analytics.
  • Outsourcing your information centre.

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Jinfo No.456
6th October 2016

What are you doing around data analytics? Take our survey.

  • Mini review of NewsEdge - recent enhancements.
  • Q&A with LibSource, an LAC Group company - 30 years of outsourcing expertise.

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Jinfo No.455
22nd September 2016

We identify three key principles essential for any successful current awareness plan.

  • Product review of MarketScape.
  • Q&A with Integreon - flexible 24/7 outsourcing services.

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Jinfo No.454
8th September 2016

We work with information leaders, read our insights into how those companies achieve information success.

  • Content efficiency for current awareness - a data science approach.
  • Mini review of Nexis - recent enhancements.

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Jinfo No.453
25th August 2016

Providing a "good" current awareness service is hard to achieve. How can you ensure users and managers recognise its value?

  • Jinfo survey on current awareness.
  • Product review of ReferenceUSA.

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Jinfo No.452
11th August 2016

Jinfo's Community sessions offer a unique opportunity to openly discuss issues with peers in a facilitated environment, find out more.

  • Product review of OneSource platform.
  • Carrying out a current awareness needs assessment.

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Jinfo No.451
21st July 2016

We're seeing a revolution in current awareness handling, see the results of our latest research into the subject.

  • Product review of Fame, published by Bureau van Dijk.
  • Q&A with the UK's Copyright Licensing Agency.

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Jinfo No.450
7th July 2016

Help shape our research and editorial focus by giving us your inputs into our latest survey.

  • Product Review of QUBE from just-auto.
  • Influencing corporate strategy with source expertise.

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Jinfo No.449
23rd June 2016

How to re-balance time and resources to achieve excellence in information services.

  • Product Review of Mendeley.
  • Market Landscape - Reference Management & Citation Tools.

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Jinfo No.448
9th June 2016

How to focus your services, interactions and development on source expertise.

  • Q&A with ProQuest.
  • Mini Review of CB Insights for Sales.

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Jinfo No.447
19th May 2016

Tap into the technology expertise of your colleagues in IT.

  • Product Review of Northern Light SinglePoint.
  • Mini Review of Figshare.

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Jinfo No.446
5th May 2016

Let our proven expertise help you through thorny challenges around sources, technology or value.

  • Product Review of ProQuest Summon.
  • Discovering Discovery Systems.

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Jinfo No.445
21st April 2016

Get our Insights & Actions Report and start work towards an improved collaborative future.

  • Product Review of Web of Science.
  • News Aggregators Covering Chinese Sources.

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Jinfo No.444
7th April 2016

Find out how to use our new pricing model to take advantage of emerging opportunities.

  • Product Review of Zotero.
  • Harnessing Your Source Expertise and Ownership.

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Jinfo No.443
24th March 2016

Our new Research Focus will help you to achieve critical balance between generalists and specialists on your information team.

  • Product Review of Euromonitor Competitor Analytics.
  • Case Study - LORD Corporation Forges Close IS/IT Relationships.

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Jinfo No.442
10th March 2016

Use our practical guidance to drive positive change in your relationships with IT.

  • Product Review of LexisNexis Newsdesk.
  • A More Structured Way of Working with IT.

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Jinfo No.441
25th February 2016

Fill the critical gaps in your knowledge of how the IT department works and gain a better working relationship with them.

  • Product Review of EBSCO Discovery Service.
  • Making Sense of the Digital Workplace.

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Jinfo No.440
11th February 2016

Find out about our new name and take the opportunity to explore our resources.

  • Product Review of Key Note.
  • How Well Do You Relate to Your IT Department?

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FreePint No.439
21st January 2016

Do you have an up-to-date needs assessment for current awareness?

  • Product Review of DueDil.
  • Q&A with Cortera - Analysing US Business Information.

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FreePint No.438
7th January 2016

Join our webinar and Communities of Practice sessions to ensure you have a regular diary slot to focus on strategy

  • Deep Dive on News Survey Results - Factiva vs Nexis.
  • Analysing the Market - from News Sources to Technology Trends.

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