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Jinfo Newsletter: 2017

Issues of the Jinfo Newsletter published in 2017.

Jinfo No.485
21st December 2017

Find out how our new workshops can help you transform your strategy, management and structure.

  • Product review of Nexis.
  • How to plan your current awareness provision for 2020.

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Jinfo No.484
7th December 2017

Do you have budget to use by the end of 2017? Consider the range of Jinfo options to make the most of leftover budget.

  • Product review of Factiva.
  • Q&A with Evalueserve - straight talking on data analytics.

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Jinfo No.483
16th November 2017

Take Jinfo's survey on data analytics needs and concerns and receive a copy of the summary report as a thank you.

  • Market landscape - text and sentiment analytics.
  • How to make mergers and acquisitions work for you.

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Jinfo No.482
2nd November 2017

Find out how to get our free tips on optimising your newsletter... and how to be in with the chance of a custom makeover.

  • Market landscape - document review and AI.
  • Is it time for a new current awareness platform?

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Jinfo No.481
19th October 2017

Download our Insights & Actions report for your guide through our latest current awareness survey and resources.

  • Product review of Dow Jones DNA.
  • Translation rights and licensing of online content.

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Jinfo No.480
5th October 2017

Meet us at STM Frankfurt; join an industry-focused walkthrough.

  • Mini review of LexisNexis Newsdesk.
  • Jinfo current awareness survey 2017.

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Jinfo No.479
21st September 2017

It's time to move from transactional to strategic - find out how Jinfo can help you make the transition.

  • Product review of the InfoDesk product suite.
  • Are niche news sources disrupting traditional news aggregators?

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Jinfo No.478
7th September 2017

Take our current awareness survey and get a copy of the results as a thank you.

  • Mini review of PatentAdvisor.
  • Jinfo model for basic benchmarking.

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Jinfo No.477
24th August 2017

Find out about the new enhancements to the Jinfo website that we think you'll love.

  • Are premium news aggregators worth the investment?
  • Market landscape - Acuris brand products (formerly Mergermarket Group).

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Jinfo No.476
10th August 2017

Find out about the exciting new updates to our Community offering.

  • Product review of Manzama.
  • How Dow Jones is taking Factiva forward.

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Jinfo No.475
27th July 2017

Use our benchmarking research to move your information department from sidelined to strategic.

  • Product review of Vable.
  • News literacy - are we battling an age of misinformation?

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Jinfo No.474
6th July 2017

Use our benchmarking research as your platform for optimising and future-proofing your service.

  • Benchmark information services - optimise your structure.
  • Product review of Altmetric.

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Jinfo No.473
22nd June 2017

Find out how you can sharpen your strategy saw in 12 minutes.

  • Jinfo research on benchmarking information services.
  • Where does your service sit on our efficiency model?

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Jinfo No.472
8th June 2017

Take the opportunity to meet our director of research, Robin Neidorf, at SLA Phoenix if you can, or attend the sessions she's running there.

  • Launching Dow Jones DNA.
  • Mini review of Overleaf.

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Jinfo No.471
25th May 2017

Find out how we've reorganised our team for focused management on our Content, Community and Consulting services.

  • Market landscape - Know Your Customer products.
  • Q&A with Priory Solutions.

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Jinfo No.470
11th May 2017

Read our research and participate in our Community sessions to find out more about upskilling staff organisation-wide and freeing up time to focus on strategy.

  • How to make your deliverables carry your message.
  • Ebooks and elearning - partnering for success.

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Jinfo No.469
20th April 2017

Find out how Jinfo can help you identify critical gaps - and how you can use our research to help bridge them.

  • Product review of Comintelli Intelligence2day.
  • Mini review of RiskScreen from KYC360.

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Jinfo No.468
6th April 2017

Our latest Research Focus launches. Find out how you can apply \"Developing an information-savvy workforce through strategic alignments\" to your own organisation.

  • Product review of Springer for R&D.
  • Jinfo survey on developing an information-savvy workforce.

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Jinfo No.467
23rd March 2017

Reviewing existing products in your portfolio and market scanning for new ones is time-consuming but essential. Find out how Jinfo can help.

  • Market landscape - social media monitoring tools.
  • Mini review of AdisInsight.

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Jinfo No.466
9th March 2017

Read our take on information trends plus our observations and need-to-know insights, whether you\'re in knowledge management or managing a team of researchers.

  • How to build alliances as a newcomer to the firm.
  • Trends in risk and compliance.

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Jinfo No.465
23rd February 2017

What should you consider when buying a new information product or tool - and what could you lose by moving to a new supplier?

  • Market landscape - online learning systems.
  • Insider knowledge - researching Russia.

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Jinfo No.464
9th February 2017

Join our facilitated Community sessions to talk to peers about the fundamental concerns affecting information strategy and value

  • Product review of Credinform Globas-i.
  • How good is your organisation\\\'s information literacy?

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Jinfo No.463
26th January 2017

Find out how you can take part in our survey on developing an information-savvy workforce

  • Product review of Artesian.
  • Q&A with LexisNexis Risk Solutions.

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Jinfo No.462
12th January 2017

Find out how you can claim your stake in data analytics projects

  • Product review of FirstRain.
  • Getting clarity on data analytics projects.

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