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Jinfo Newsletter: 2020

Issues of the Jinfo Newsletter published in 2020.

Jinfo No.548
6th August 2020

Join the conversation on value chain analysis by signing up to one of Jinfo's free online discussions in September and find out how you can use this transformative process to measure against your organisation's goals.

  • Community deck - innovation and efficiency value chains.
  • Putting the value chain together.

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Jinfo No.547
23rd July 2020

To demonstrate and improve value you need to be able to define it. Find out how Jinfo's Focus on Value Chain can help you measure, report and increase the value of your information team.

  • Community deck - risk assessment for information licensing - more important than ever.
  • Putting the value chain together.

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Jinfo No.546
9th July 2020

Jinfo offers a wide range of resources, including our latest Briefings, a confidential online service tailored to your needs and our Focus on Risk Assessment. Find out how we can help you in our latest newsletter.

  • Putting the value chain together.
  • Measurement - selecting and collecting data.

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Jinfo No.545
25th June 2020

Although you may not be able to attend in-person industry events this spring, you can still count on Jinfo for its wealth of resources and remote events to support your information licensing and risk assessment needs. Find out what's coming up in our latest newsletter.

  • Product review of Springer AdisInsight.
  • Defining success through the value chain.

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Jinfo No.544
11th June 2020

Taking time to think and exchange ideas about the challenges of business information is an important way to support your organisation so why not sign up for Jinfo's next Community session and give yourself this valuable time to think.

  • Jinfo survey - challenges facing information teams.
  • Community deck - assessing risks of staff and services - What's strategic? What's healthy?

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Jinfo No.543
28th May 2020

Find out why risk assessments are so important to your organisation by delving into Jinfo's vast range of resources on this topic, including articles, webinars and consulting assessments.

  • Risk assessment on information licensing.
  • Product review of XPansion XMon.

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Jinfo No.542
14th May 2020

In these challenging times where information is more visible than ever, the need to assess your risk becomes ever more pressing. Jinfo can provide you with the practical tools and guidance to help you manage these information-related risks.

  • Risk assessment on information service quality.
  • Risk assessment on information team management.

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Jinfo No.541
30th April 2020

Whilst most teams are currently coping well on a day-to-day basis, there are still many risk factors that need to be taken into account. Find out how Jinfo's risk assessments can help you understand and tackle any challenges head on.

  • Market landscape - project management tools.
  • Market landscape - internal communication tools.

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Jinfo No.540
9th April 2020

Whether or not you're new to remote working, Jinfo has a wide range of resources, Webinars and Community sessions available to optimise you and your team and ensure you are managing your operational risk.

  • Product Review of CCC RightFind Enterprise suite.
  • Market landscape - packaging and labelling standards.

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Jinfo No.539
26th March 2020

If you're short on time, Jinfo has a wide range of useful resources available to help you define your vision, analyse the gaps between current reality and desired future state, and create the improvements that close those gaps.

  • Q&A with Factiva's Brian Gelinas, head of product strategy.
  • Best approach to content and data product licensing.

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Jinfo No.538
5th March 2020

For professionals struggling with time, strategy and resistance to change, Jinfo's Research Focus "The Information Centre of Excellence - commercial, consultative, collaborative" is a must. This final insight of the focus offers various options to help professionals move forward with strategy and optimisation.

  • Jinfo survey - the role of information professionals in a data-driven world.
  • Data trends in the pharma industry.

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Jinfo No.537
20th February 2020

Read our latest newsletter to find out how to make strategy more practical by bridging the gap between ideas and daily operations.

  • Jinfo model - closing the confidence gap.
  • Mini review of RightFind Business Intelligence.

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Jinfo No.536
6th February 2020

Commercial awareness is now a prerequisite for information managers and their teams. Find out how you can uniquely position yourself to shape the future of information by delving into the many valuable resources Jinfo has to offer on this subject.

  • Mini review of RightFind Navigate.
  • Market landscape - data marketplaces.

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Jinfo No.535
23rd January 2020

Read Jinfo's latest newsletter to find out which three key priorities you need to focus on this year.

  • Jinfo model - real-world ROI of external data.
  • What content licensing professionals need to know about licensing data.

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Jinfo No.534
9th January 2020

Can you become an Information Centre of Excellence in 2020? The first insight in Jinfo's Research Focus, "The Information Centre of Excellence - commercial, consultative, collaborative" is available now.

  • Product review of HBR SpendConnect.
  • Market landscape - digital adoption platforms.

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