Intelligence systems - intelligence 2020

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October - December 2019

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Intelligence systems - intelligence 2020In the 10 years plus we've been researching developments in news and current awareness, we've predicted and then seen a significant shift from current awareness to intelligence systems.

Gain our three key insights around:

  1. Change your mind, change your world
  2. The "value dance" of sources, tech and users
  3. Continuous improvement or bust.

Find out more through our unmissable articles, reports, original research, webinars and Community sessions.

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Research Focus Insights and Actions reportIn the "Insights and Actions" report (PDF) you'll discover the top 3 insights from Jinfo's director of research - plus the practical actions you should take and full index of content from the Research Focus.

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Jinfo Research Consulting"Intelligence" is at the heart of every organisation, and information teams are key suppliers of the raw materials and tools to generate it. Jinfo Consulting offers assessments, strategy and planning services, and operational analyses to ensure you are delivering value - and are able to demonstrate it to your stakeholders.

If you're unsure of how to document the value of intelligence and current awareness, looking to make a change in your system, or feel that your process could be streamlined but aren't sure where to start, contact us to discuss how Jinfo Consulting can help.