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April - June 2018

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The information team with the right stuffThis Research Focus investigates how information teams can adapt and evolve to meet the new skills required in today's dynamic environment.

Our three key insights on what the best information teams do:

  • Balance human insight and technological power to scale services whilst positioning as a strategic resource
  • Maintaining relevance and sustainability through cultivation of consulting and communication skills
  • Committing to a programme of continuous improvement of processes, deliverables, and key performance indicators.

Find out more through our articles, original research, webinars and Community sessions.

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About the Research Focus producer

Producer Andrew Lucas brings his considerable experience to manage this Focus.

Andrew Lucas is a consultant with global experience in the online business information market. He has worked in executive roles for a number of leading business information companies, including Dow Jones, Thomson Reuters and Factiva.

Andrew Lucas
Andrew Lucas

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Jinfo Research ConsultingCultivating the team with the right stuff starts with an assessment of your available skills against your services and needs of your audience. Jinfo Consulting can help you articulate your vision for the future, so that you can better plan how to get there with the talent and resources you have.

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