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Jinfo Subscription Report

This product review of TotalPatent, a global patent research database from LexisNexis, provides an overview of value offered along with the company's contact details. 100 patent issuing authorities are covered and patents are searchable in their original language (except for non-Latin) as well as machine-translated English for 10 languages.

This review:

  • Covers links to other tools from parent company Reed Elsevier such as Scopus and CourtLink.

  • Looks at the technology and tests out the semantic, guided and advanced search as well as putting through their paces the "widgets" which can be used to supplement search strategy.

  • Looks at the competitor landscape, where established products such as Thomson Innovation and Minesoft PatBase operate alongside free services such as Espacenet and PatentLens, and reflects on TotalPatent's product maturity and frequency of upgrades.

Reviewed by Robyn Smith

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