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Jinfo Subscription Report

In-depth review of Dun & Bradstreet's First Research, a provider of industry market research reports for sales and marketing professionals.

This review:

  • Introduces the company, with contact details, outlining the scope of its US-focused industry profiles and how it adds value by helping users improve relationships with customers.

  • Examines the way that First Research provides content, including industry profiles and daily news and social alerts from news provider FirstRain.

  • Tests the technology on a variety of devices and assesses ease of use and deployment across an organisation. It also looks at personalisation and help & support resources and materials.

  • Sums up the product's competitors: Avention/OneSource, IBISWorld and Vertical IQ. The review also identifies what differentiates First Research and explains how it is being expanded in response to client requests. The company's innovative vision for its Support Centre is also outlined.

Reviewed by Andrew Grave

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