Jinfo SubscriptionProduct review of Manzama

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Jinfo Subscription Report

In our new product review of specialised market intelligence platform Manzama, we look at typical use-cases including, business development and competitive intelligence, and we also highlight the value the service brings to its customers in the legal, accounting and financial services fields. This updates our 2015 review.

This review:

  • Introduces Manzama

  • Highlights its value and use-cases

  • Showcases updates since Jinfo's 2015 review      

  • Contains a detailed section on sources that looks at areas such as the 75,000 news and business sources included plus the option to include additional feeds

  • Explores the technology of the platform, particularly looking at the user interface, ease of use and profile set-up to outputs and alerts and additional access and integration options such as an API, Microsoft SharePoint Web Parts and RSS feeds

  • Covers product maturity and development plans along with pricing information

  • Highlights the competitor landscape with alternative offerings including InfoNgen and Vable as well as LexisNexis NewsDesk.

Reviewed by Chris Porter

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