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Jinfo Subscription Report

Our in-depth product review of Nexis, a provider of premium curated business, industry and news information, looks at how this global premium news database and research platform has evolved since our last full review over two years ago.

This review:

  • Introduces Nexis and highlights the value the product offers

  • Looks at the range of content available through the global news aggregation service, including special content and geographical coverage. New content added since the last Nexis review is also covered

  • Examines new functionality, including search and output features

  • Covers new features such as additions to Nexis SmartIndexing

  • Concludes with a general overview of product development and what future changes we can expect over the next few years

  • It also covers pricing

  • Highlights direct competitors such as Factiva, as well as a range of aggregators including EBSCO, ProQuest and Thomson Reuters.

Reviewed by Chris Porter.

Update: A new review of this product is available here »

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