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Jinfo Subscription Report

Minesoft PatBase is an award-winning global patent database used by intellectual property professionals who rely on it for its business-critical patent information. It has undergone quite a few changes since we last reviewed the product a few years ago. Two notable changes include its analytics tool and the recent partnership with Darts-ip, which will have a positive effect on the available content.

With over 50,000 users worldwide, including patent-litigating leading law firms, it also claims to be the first commercial patent database to offer non-Latin search capabilities since 2008.

This review:

  • Looks at the platform's key advantages and value

  • Highlights the platform's range of information sources, including full-text coverage of over 100 authorities from over 60 countries

  • Explores the platform's technology, particularly its user interface and functionality

  • Looks at the outputs, including the ability to download data in a variety of formats

  • Identifies competitors, including Clarivate Analytics, Questel and Total Patent

  • Explains the pricing model

  • Outlines development plans, including its partnership with Darts-ip and more advanced search options

  • Explores the help and training available, including a variety of guides and contacts.

By: Scott Vine

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