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Jinfo Subscription Report

As part of Jinfo's Research Focus, "The accidental technologist - where your expertise meets the new world", we surveyed 65 respondents from around the world and a variety of industries to get their views on the character and culture of technology use and adoption in customer organisations; how information teams cope with the challenge of building skills and knowledge around technology; and the degree to which organisations are well equipped to manage the risks and opportunities of technology.

We looked in particular at technology clusters we identified as: access and control; storage and management; manipulation and interaction; and user efficiency.

The survey covered areas such as reporting lines, how technology projects are addressed, which technologies are of most interest to respondents, strategy for technology projects, the organisational environment for technology, and leadership interactions with technology projects.

This report includes the following articles:

  • Jinfo survey on technology readiness (part 1 - introduction). Definitions of technology, survey process

  • Jinfo survey on technology readiness (part 2 - investigation of solutions). Activity and urgency around investigation and development of specific technologies and solutions

  • Jinfo survey on technology readiness (part 3 - organisational expectations). Organisational expectations, support and capacity for managing the risks and opportunities associated with technology.

By Robin Neidorf

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