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Jinfo Subscription Report

Northern Light's SinglePoint provides a single point of access to all of a client's internal and external research information, including high-quality data from some of the world's leading technology and industry sources.

This review:

  • Introduces the company and product and provides contact details

  • Looks at some of the changes that have been introduced since Jinfo's 2016 review, in particular, its increased use of machine learning and a fresh user interface

  • Outlines the key advantages SinglePoint brings to its users

  • Looks at current content partners, with leading names such as Informa, Clarivate Analytics, EBSCO and Mintel and how clients can easily incorporate their own content as well as the wide range of languages that are supported

  • Examines the technology, particularly its increased reliance on machine learning and the wide range of widgets that can be incorporated

  • Covers the dashboard functionality and how collaboration and sharing of research content is encouraged

  • Outlines the help options available for both users and administrators and looks at the huge range of statistics that can be downloaded

  • Looks at potential product developments and competitors including WideNarrow and Aurora FirstLight

  • Summarises the product's value and how the company continues to create an increasingly sophisticated product.

By Scott Vine

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