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Jinfo Subscription Report

We last looked at Manzama Insights, a specialised market intelligence tool that uses artificial intelligence and big data analytics to collect and analyse company and industry insights, in our mini review back in July 2018. Initially aimed at lawyers, the product is now of value to any profession and its international client base is growing steadily. In our latest full product review, we take a comprehensive look at the product and see how it's evolved.

This review:

  • Introduces the company and product and provides contact details

  • Looks at some of the changes that have been introduced since Jinfo's 2018 mini review, in particular, its increased use of AI technological enhancements and an enhanced user interface

  • Highlights its key advantages, value and how the product can be used

  • Explores the scope of content available through the product, which ranges from mid-sized newspapers to larger city publications, along with the diverse range of industries covered and its geographic coverage

  • Explores the platform's technology and how artificial intelligence is used within the product

  • Considers its ease of use and profile set-up, along with outputs and alerts

  • Covers product maturity and development plans as well as pricing information

  • Highlights the competitor landscape with similar offerings from Vable and LexisNexis Newsdesk.

By Jan Knight

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