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Aggregation and intelligence platforms vary immensely in their ability and approach to incorporating source material, key features and intended end users - which best suits your organisation?

Two vendors, Comintelli and Northern Light, join us in this moderated panel discussion where we'll discuss areas including:

  • The Holy Grail of seamless content integration - why is it so tricky?
  • Questions vendors want you to ask, to make sure of a good fit for your needs
  • What they mean when they use terms like AI, machine learning and analytics
  • What's reasonable to expect for configuration, and what constitutes additional services?

Both information managers and vendors will come away with a greater understanding of each others' constraints, key drivers and points of view.

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  • Thursday, 28th June 2018 at 08:00 Pacific / 10:00 Central / 11:00 Eastern / 16:00 (BST) / 17:00 Europe, 60 minutes.

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