News, and Other Commodities

October - December 2015

News, and Other Commodities

  • If your most recent needs assessment for current awareness is more than two years old, it's out of date.

  • Premium news databases as a solution for current awareness needs will no longer be viable within 5 years.

  • Stop focusing on "the right content" and start focusing on risk management, to make better decisions about current awareness.

These are the most significant findings from the Topic Series, "News, and Other Commodities", which ran from October - December 2015.

We examined news, basic company information, basic "people" information and the like. These are categories that behave like commodities - there are lots of sources, including plenty where the direct cost is negligible.

The content published in this Topic Series will help you define and refine the criteria by which you, your stakeholders and your suppliers can best serve staff while managing risks and costs.

The series includes our flagship product reviews and Q&As with market leaders like Factiva and Nexis, as well as niche and new media offerings. Also included is our 8th annual "Survey on News Needs and Preferences".


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About this Topic Series

Our co-producers bring together their considerable experience to manage this series.

Eileen Steer set up her company, Steer Research, to provide information on organisations and sectors to small and medium sized enterprises, primarily corporate finance and investment management companies. She has over 25 years' experience as a researcher.

Andrew Grave is the owner of Research Counts Ltd which provides training and support to corporate information teams. His work has spanned competitive intelligence, vendor management and research and analysis.

Anja Thygesen has spent most of her professional life working with information research. She started in Danish-based management consulting companies and learned the importance of trustworthy research and how to ensure that output is always of the highest standard.

Shimrit Janes specialises in the use of social media for knowledge sharing, with a particular interest in the role it plays in current awareness.

Chris Porter has a deep knowledge of business news research databases and media intelligence tools and works across a variety of information-intensive industries.

Eileen Steer
Eileen Steer
Series Producer

Anja Thygesen
Anja Thygesen
Series Producer

Andrew Grave
Andrew Grave
Series Producer

Shimrit Janes
Shimrit Janes
Series Producer

Chris Porter
Chris Porter
Series Producer


Published content

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